"Time flies, but leave its shadow behind."

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Allespaka Nr. 28

I also published an article in the spring 2021 edition of Allespaka. It is about the 1st International Alpaca Photoshow. Here are a few figures, data and facts and also the winning pictures. There is also a small preview of the new categories in the 2nd International Alpaca Photoshow, which will take place in 2021.

Allespaka Photoshow alles-paka alespaka

International Fleeceshow 2020

Due to Covid 19, the "Welt der Alpakas" alpaca show was canceled. The fleece show, however, took place to the exclusion of the public. Approx. 130 fleeces were judged by judge Robin Näsemann over two days.

robin näseman alpaka aoa Richter robin näsemann zuchtbewertung alpaka

AELAS Anniversary Ingolstadt 2020

Despite Corona, the postponed Aelas anniversary show took place in Ingolstadt. Of course I was very happy to see some people again and to make some fleeceshots again for my customers.

AELAS alpaka show lareu alpaka sun star alpacas

1st International Alpaca Photoshow

The 1st International Alpaca Photoshow took place in October. Due to Corona, the judges met online to assign the places in the individual categories. I proudly look back on the fact that my idea was so successfully implemented by Alpaka Marketing GbR and accepted by the show participants.

Allespaka Nr. 27

In this issue of the Allespaka I published two articles. The cover article, alpacas in the social media world and the article about the 1st International Alpaca Photoshow. You can also find some of my pictures in this issue.

allespaka alpaka Zeitung Lamas alpakas allespaka abo

Alpakaschau Süd 2020
Alpaca Show

Shortly before the 1st Corona Lockdown, the "Alpakaschau Süd" Alpaca Show South took place in Bayreuth. Together with judge Robin Näsemann and Carol Pole from Canada I was in the ring and over 200 alpacas had been judged over two days.

Robin näseman aoa showrichter alpaka showrichter alpaka richter

AAA Show Wieselburg 2020

The AAA Show took place in Wieselburg, Austria for the first time in 2020 and I was allowed to stand at the side of Judge Peter Kennedy (Canchones Alpacas) in the ring and translate his oral reasons. 

alpakashow Wieselburg alpakashow österreich canchones alpakas

Alpaka Expo Graz 2020

The Alpaca Expo in Graz was a very impressive show. Large, well organized and plenty of space for exhibitors, breeders and co. I met many breeders and around 50 animals passed through my hands in the breeder's boxes.

Alpaka Expo Graz

Allespaka Nr. 26

The first Allespaka in a new design. In this issue you will find some of my photos, both in articles and in advertisements from a well-known breeder. 

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Manu Alpaca Services

Manu Alpaca Services has been founded at the beginning of 2020. I decided to do it because I was asked again and again whether I could do one or the other. E.g. create a website, look at and judge the animals, recommend a stud male for the respective female and much more. After the number of inquiries happily increased, I founded my own company “Manu Alpaca Services” alongside my studies.

Manuel Staub Alpaka

Manu Alpaca Services
Leonhardistraße 9 c
86916 Kaufering

0173 5188499

Manu Alpaca Services
Leonhardistraße 9 c
86916 Kaufering

0173 5188499

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